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Kardashian Mega Reality Deal Moves the Web

Published: Apr 25, 2012 by admin Filed under: Gossip & Rumors News

Fans will continue to get their fill of the Kardashians. E! Network announced that it has inked a $40 million deal for three more seasons of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

TMZ reports that the multimillion-dollar contract makes the deal the richest in reality TV history, and that family members Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, as well as parents Kris and Bruce Jenner, will earn equal pay, and they'll receive most of the money.

Lesser stars Kendall, Kylie, and Rob will be paid equally but less than the others. Scott Disick and son Mason, as well as Khloe's husband, Lamar Odom, will pocket separate fees.

The contract applies only to shows that currently exist, but the deal also secures first-look rights to all the family's nonscripted show ideas. No word on whether Kanye West will join Kimmy on her show next season or if they will cut their own deal for a spin-off.

The Kardashian family has turned into a franchise of spin-offs: Five of the most watched shows in the history of the network are Kardashian programs.

The Season 6 finale was a hit, attracting 3.3 million viewers. It boasted similar audience numbers throughout the season, making it the cable network’s most popular series, with the Kardashians themselves the source of fascination and fury from fans and detractors alike.

The family has banked on its brand, most obviously with Kim Kardashian's wedding, which number crunchers have estimated to have given the family a windfall of some $18 million, including People magazine’s $2.5 million for exclusive rights to photos, a reported $15 million from E! for a four-hour televised special, and $100,000 from OK Magazine for exclusive rights to coverage of the bridal shower.

Given that the marriage lasted just 72 days, critics charged that the wedding wasn't reality but a ruse. That, however, didn't seem to hurt negotiations to keep the show on the small screen.

Twitter was abuzz with the news. IownJD called it "absolutely ridiculous." MishaaaDoll noted "can't knock their hustle though." Kirstie Alley (yes, that Kirstie Alley) tweeted, "The Kardashians just inked the richest deal in reality tv history $40,000,000 ... Kirstie Kardashian...lost sister?"

The Kardashian fam has certainly cashed in on its notoriety. From a range of product endorsements to Kim's mayoral ambitions to, according to the Daily Mail, perhaps the launch of a show in London (watch out, Kate Middleton). There's sure to be lots of Kardashian news in our future -- let's just hope it's worth $40 million.

Computer Virus: How to Remove It

Published: Mar 29, 2012 by admin Filed under: Gossip & Rumors

Ughhhh! If your PC has ever been infected - or worse, if it's infected right now - you're probably groaning. Yes it's a pain, but the good news is: you can remove viruses yourself, for free.

STEP 1:  Back Up Documents, Photos and Videos.
Save your important data to an external drive. Be sure to scan this drive and its contents after you remove the virus; you don't want to re-infect your computer after the clean-up.

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STEP 2: Reboot in Safe Mode
You have to prevent the virus from running when you try to remove it. To do this, reboot in safe mode.  Safe mode runs only the Windows operating system and a few key programs. It's a way to limit any malware from launching. Restart your computer and hit the F8 key on the keyboard repeatedly until you get to a black screen with the option of restarting in Safe Mode.  Choose "Safe Mode with Networking" so that you can still get on the Internet.

STEP 3: Download Virus Scanner/Removal Tools
I recommend downloading two to three different programs to find and remove the malware. One may do the job, but three will almost certainly do the job. These three have worked for me and come highly recommended by PC Magazine and CNET:
PC Tools

STEP 4: Run Virus Scanners
Download, double-click to install, accept all the defaults they recommend, and then run each. This will take a while. When the programs locate a virus or any suspicious items, allow the programs to delete the files.

STEP 5: Reboot Normally
Reboot your computer normally; no need for safe mode. You should be back to normal now.

If you have files backed up on an external drive, plug it in and use the security programs you downloaded to scan that drive before you open or transfer any files.  If the virus is gone, go to step 6.

Many people will recommend you reinstall Windows or try system restore or download a registry cleaner. I say that at this point, most people should take the computer to a local PC repair shop. Where I live, it costs about $120 to get the virus removed and a clean version of Windows installed. It is a personal decision how you proceed from here, but take into account the value of your time.

STEP 6: Add Security
How did you get that virus in the first place? Even if you don't know, it's clear you need more protection.  PC Tools is a real-time virus scanner that you can use as your ongoing protection, or install something like Avast or AVG.  All three are very good, free, anti-virus programs. Also Microsoft's Security Essentials comes well recommended.

You should also go to the Control Panel of your computer, and in the security section click Windows Update. Make sure that it's set up to regularly update.  And if you think someone else accidentally installed malware on your computer, it's a good idea to give other members of the family their own sign-on accounts that don't have admin privileges. This way, if the kids try to download software that could harbor viruses, they won't be allowed to.

And yes, this means you should keep your admin password private.  (Also, if they've installed any file-sharing programs, now would be a good time to remove them. P-2-P music and movie sites do expose you to a lot of junk.

STEP 7- Damage Control
Viruses are a gateway to identity theft and spam. So after you disinfect your computer it's a good idea to check your credit ( is the credit report site that the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act forced the credit unions to create for consumers to access yearly free reports). You should also change all your passwords, especially your email password and any passwords for your financial institutions. Here's my method for creating

Meet Black Men

Published: Mar 25, 2012 by admin Filed under: Gossip & Rumors Music

In today's society, black dating has changed tremendously since the last decade. Back in the days you would meet someone, exchange numbers and talk on the phone while possible setting up a date. Nowadays, black online dating is very popular and on the rise. Now conversations are taking place in chat rooms online. Text messages and emails are replacing talking on the phone. You can now find that black beauty any where in the world with the touch of a button.You Can Meet Black Men. Dating online is also safer and you could save money without going on dates.

Black dating online gives you the opportunity to get into contact with people you never had access to such as business owners and executives. It makes things much easier when you can find your perfect match at the comfort of your home. Black men can now approach the women of their dreams without the fear of rejection. There are millions of black singles online to choose from. Black singles are dating online in record numbers for safety and to save time. Going out to clubs and bars can get expensive so online dating is very convenient.

 Single black men and women come together in an online atmosphere and build lasting relationships. An online dating site is a place to start your search for your perfect partner.

Black dating sites are to help the interested people to slim down their search. People have different preferences and online dating lets you choose that specific black man or women you desire. White women have this perception that black men are chivalrous and excellent sex masters. On the other hand, black women are submissive to men. White men above 60 years old are now embracing relationships with young black girls and older white women are in relationships with young black men. The African American dating is popular because of romance for money kind of relationship. Since the aged Whites are wealthy, the blacks exchange romance for money.

If you are going to start dating online, you should look for dating sites with good reviews. Some very popular sites are black people meet, singlesnet, blackscene, and

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How to Get the Best Life Insurance Quote

Published: Mar 25, 2012 by admin Filed under: Gossip & Rumors

Life insurance pricing is as variable as every other type of insurance available through several different companies via numerous venues. Because of the many different companies, it raises a question regarding the vast difference in pricing for what is essentially the same product, the only difference being the company that owns the policy. While customers are generally at the mercy of the companies when it comes to costs of services or items, insurance policies do not have stagnant pricing, and therefore, there are things consumers can do to ensure they get the best price quotes available for policies that meet their needs.

The advancements of Internet speed and social networking have made the task of obtaining insurance quotes faster and easier than they have ever been. There are websites dedicated to obtaining life insurance quotes from up to ninety different companies with the customer only needing to fill out one relatively simple form. The quotes are generated via computer information and census information, using age, health, occupation and habits as ways to price a life insurance policy for a single individual.  
 Most of the questionnaires, particularly those for individuals under the age of forty, are generalized to enhance the speed of the quote returns and to keep costs low as well. This is done by the websites that have larger groups of insurance companies on their rosters because they have enough capital to subsidize the one or two percent of the applicants in any given age and price range who might become ill or suffer an unforeseen health misfortune.

Because the companies that use the quote websites know they will be in stiff competition, they are likely to quote prices that are quite a bit lower than prices that an individual might get from a private insurance agent. This is mainly due to the fact that the agent gets paid from commission made from the sale of the life insurance policy, so the higher the premium, the higher the commission.

Basically, getting a good insurance quote depends on the number of applications that a person submits. If a person gets several dozen quotes, he or she should have a good idea about the general pricing of a life insurance policy that suits their individual needs. As mentioned previously, the easiest way for a person to obtain numerous quotes in a fraction of the time it would take to meet one insurance agent is to go to one of the many specialized websites available on the Internet. The more quotes a person gets for a policy, the more ammunition he or she has in their arsenal of information.

Most of the background information on the companies that advertise and offer free quotes through these specialized websites has been done by the website, so customers need not worry about the veracity of the insurance company themselves. The top rated quote websites will not only supply the policy seeker a quote, but most will also include the national business rating of the company as well, to give the customer deeper insight into the company with whom their beneficiaries futures could be entrusted.   Get A Free Private Insurance Quotes Here.

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Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Bombed, Keeps On Working

Published: Mar 23, 2012 by admin Filed under: Gossip & Rumors

Reality star Kim Kardashian was flour bombed on the red carpet in West Hollywood on Thursday night.

Just before 8 PM, after finishing posing for the photographers at an event for her new fragrance, True Reflection, at the London Hotel off of Sunset Blvd., Kim was speaking to the house crew on the red carpet when a young woman strolled up to the reality star and dumped a bag of what appeared to be flour on Kim's head.

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 ‘The Hunger Games’

"She came from Kim's left, with a Zip-Lock baggie," an Access Hollywood staffer on the scene said, noting the bag had about three fists full of white powder, believed to be flour. "The girl just kind of showed up on the red carpet."

According to the Access staffer, who witnessed the event, no one stopped the woman, as she approached Kim.

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"She went in between Kim and her publicist and started dumping the bag on Kim's head and shoulders," the staffer recounted.

Only a small amount of the powder actually touched the reality star, landing on her head and shoulders.

"She was shocked," the Access witness said of Kim's reaction. "And, as soon as it happened, she put her head down and security grabbed her and they rushed her off into the elevators."

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As for the flour bomber, she tried to briskly walk away from the scene, but was stopped and escorted away by security.

Not one to let a little flour stop her, after about 10 minutes, Kim went back to work, returning to chat with the media, where she made jokes about the incident.

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"She was very bubbly, very high-spirited and she actually joked about it," the Access staffer recounted. "She said she wasn't too upset because the woman didn't get any on her face. She made a joke about having told her makeup artist she needed more powder."

It was not immediately clear why the young woman chose to dump the substance on Kim's head, however, late last year, someone flour bombed Kim's pal, Jonathan Cheban.

According to reports at the time, the assailant said they did it for Kris Humphries, Kim's ex, during the incident.

To see what happened at the event and Kim's interview, tune into Access Hollywood on Friday night.

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