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Artist In The Music Industry Today

Published: Nov 7, 2010 by admin Filed under: Music

Artist In The Music Industry Today

It seems as if every week, there is a new artist surfacing with wonderful music for everyone to enjoy. Many people do not understand how these artist are finding ways to sell their music in such a competitive market. This article will address the issues that are faced by artist promoting their own music. Many of the new artist have tapped into the competitive market of selling music and appear to be getting heard.

There are many online sites that make it very easy to download music. Artist are able to get feed back on their music from people all over the globe. Many of the artist are electing to promote themselves on social networks such as MySpace, Facebook etc. These artist enjoy the benefits of sharing their music with family and friends, and may even get noticed on a larger scale. In a effort to promote themselves, some artist resort to "bootlegging" their music within their communities. This method of promotion is not advised, as there are laws that discourage the behavior.

Artist should be aware of all of the legal opportunities in which they can promote their music. The internet is growing rapidly, and there are many online companies that will sell CD's that were created by independent musicians. The advantage of being able to post music on different sites will allow the artist to get more exposure. Many times record labels pay close attention to the new and up coming artist. No label company wants to be the last to know about the next "big thing." However, artist must take into account that there are limited resources for gaining much wealth while promoting their music. Several of the companies that offer to sell CD's for artist, pay out a limited amount of money. An artist would be very lucky to receive a dollar or two for after a sell of a CD.

Being able to sell massive amounts of CD's will not happen overnight, it could take some time for large returns to happen. However, one should not give up and should continue in being persistent in obtaining their goals in the music industry. Another way that an artist can expand his or her exposure, to further exploit the opportunity to make more money, and to have more control over their money and promotions, is by having a website with their own hosting. The reason that it is necessary for an artist to have a website with their own hosting, is because it allows the artist to do such things as make money from advertising, build a store, and develop a fan base. Once the hosting has been in place, it will be necessary to get traffic to the website. To do this you will need the right tools.  

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MySpace Melts Down With Music

Published: Sep 22, 2010 by admin Filed under: Music

MySpace Melts Down With Music

The opportunity for anyone to be noticed and the chance to listen to something other than what the radio plays: this is the influence the Internet has had on today's music industry.

"With social networking, we're able to get people to listen to a larger spectrum of the musical genres that are available today," said junior psychology major Dave Burgman.

Burgman is just one of millions of musicians that depend on the popularity of social networking sites to promote their music to a wider audience.

Writing, recording and promoting are three of the most vital steps to success in the music industry according to Newburgh, N.Y. based pop-punk band "With The Punches."

For years, the social media website was a key method of promoting a band.  

            "It's easy to personalize it to your band," said "With The Punches" guitarist and vocalist Dustin Wallace in a phone interview.

With the growing popularity of Facebook, artists now must find new ways of popularizing their music for a larger audience.

   commanded the attention of teenagers worldwide in 2003.  The site was a new way to connect with friends, meet new people and create unique, personal profiles for users to share with the world.

            Social networking had not yet reached such a high point as the site did with the Myspace movement, as it quickly became a social media giant.

            Best of all, Myspace was a breeding ground for music. For the first time, unsigned artists were able to upload their music and reach a wider audience.

            In this time, Myspace was not the only rapidly growing social network. After a few years, a site called Facebook rose to popularity.

            As Facebook expanded, Myspace users began to switch to the new service. In 2009, the monthly number of Facebook vistors surpassed the monthly Myspace visitors, according to web measurement service comScore. Now, Facebook claims nearly 100 million more users than Myspace overall.  

            Burgman's Pittsburgh-based band, "Colors," was formed last September. He joined the band in February of this year. "Colors" is a hardcore, metal and pop band, and those are just three of the literally thousands of genres that are available at the click of a mouse using the Internet.

            "For our image, Myspace is the best. We can set up a whole page dedicated to [what]we are all about," Burgman said.

            While Myspace may still be the best tool for music promotion, Facebook seems to be the best way to get recognized.

            "There's less important people on Myspace these days, [and]there's more spam," Burgman said.

            While the website boasts 100 million plus users, the number of active users is probably much less. In a report by Jeff Bercovici for, it was said that in Feb. 2010, Myspace had about 18 million active users, a six percent decline from the previous month's figures.

            "Facebook gets a lot more exposure, but they don't hear our music," Burgman said.

            Many artists have encountered similar problems with Facebook. Mypsace features a music player on a band's profile, but Facebook lacks that capability. Facebook's music player is located under a different tab of the profile, and not all bands use this feature.

"With The Punches" has faced this issue, too.

            "We didn't open a Facebook for the band until a year ago," Wallace said. "It's a little less user-friendly for music stuff."

            A newer problem is that as Facebook grows in popularity, active Myspace users decline significantly.

            "As more and more people seem to be moving away from their personal Myspace pages, we knew we would have to branch out," Wallace said.

            Facebook may not be Myspace's only competitor in the near future.

            "2010 was [kind of] the year of Twitter, and it has taken over more than Facebook and Myspace in our case," said "With the Punches" vocalist Jesse Vadala.

            Regardless of trends, social media seems it will continue to play a major role in music exposure.

            "If I didn't have a Myspace or Facebook for my band, I wouldn't be anywhere today," said Burgman. "It's really interesting that I can put up a song it took me two hours to record, promote it a little online and then when I see people, they'll know who I am and what I've done."

            "One of the best things about doing this is how many friends we've made all over the U.S. […] via social networking, […] instant messaging and how many we've made on the Internet," Wallace said. Also one more site to watch out for as time go by is Celebrities Say Hello. This company promotes unsigned top Artists. Artists like Clip, Martin, RP9, with there new Videos Site  and online radio community this will be one company to watch. But you need to move fast there are only looking for 1000 Artist to help with there promotion.

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