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Hot Celebrities

Hot Celebrities

Toni Braxton Is One Of The Hottest Legend In R&B Today.

One of the most successful R&B singer, song writer, producer of the 1990’s The episode focused on the internationally successful DIVA her obstacles and being trapped by financial issues that almost stalled her career. Toni spoke openly about the March 1998 interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show made her look bad.
Toni also spoke about how she has been coping with her autistic son, her 2nd Bankruptcy, the end of her marriage, her albums the lack of record label promotions and the heart & lupus scare she had which caused her to cancel her 2-year long sold out Las Vegas show.
Featuring: The Braxton Family, LA Reid, Babyface, Diane Warren, Bert Padell. Watch other full episode of ‘Behind the Music’ coming soon:
VH1 Behind The Music | New Season | Ne-Yo, Carrie Underwood, Toni Braxton, T.I., Pink, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Beyonce, Arista, Whitney houston, Celine Dion,

What To Say Or Do When You See A Celebrity.

When you have a celebrity sighting, you probably won’t be able resist the urge to ask for an autograph if it’s somebody you really admire. But at the same time, you hate to make a fool of yourself. Just remember that celebrities are just people, only much wealthier and better looking. As such, use common good manners when asking for an autograph and you’re likely to get it.


    • Pick the right moment to introduce yourself. If she’s deeply embroiled in conversation, or even undercover, you’re probably out of luck. If she’s looking around, smiling and waving, it’s a good bet that you’re safe to approach.

    • Smile, say hello and introduce yourself. If you need to say his name to get his attention, a more formal “Mister,” followed by the last name would be appropriate. Like anybody else, celebrities enjoy being addressed by politely.

    • Compliment the celebrity on some of her work that you particularly admire; the more specific, the better. Try to pretend that you aren’t absolutely giddy with excitement. Instead, think of yourself as a thoughtful, admiring critic.
    • Read the celebrity’s body language carefully. If he’s shifting around and checking his watch, or if his responses to your compliments are coming in monosyllables, it might be time to end your celebrity encounter. If he’s making eye contact and seems interested in what you have to say, keep going.

    • Ask for the autograph. Have a pen handy, along with an object you would like signed. If things have been going well until now, she’s unlikely to say no; but if she does, thank her and move along.

    • Thank him for talking to you, and make a clean retreat. Though most celebrities enjoy the attention of their fans, they also have things to do. End the encounter quickly, before the conversation sags and he starts thinking of ways to get rid of you.


 Pinkett Smith(right),Willow Smith(middle), and Jaden Smith(left).

“Karate Kid” star Jaden Smith and his sister Willow rocked their usual sartorial style, while their mom, Jada, sported a onesie that she might have stolen from her 9-year-old daughter’s closet!


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